USB Safely Remove v. (x32/x64/ML) - Silent Installation


 USB Safely Remove v. (x32/x64/ML) - Silent Installation | 8MB

USB Safely Remove - This is a convenient and safe replacement for the Safely Remove Hardware. It makes life easier and save time for those who have several hotplug (USB, SATA, Firewire) devices and those who use them extensively. Bezopacnoe remove in one click! Just move the cursor to the system tray icon, and will appear comfortable and nice menu Safely One click on the device and it is safely removed! Note the clear device names; USB Safely Remove determine the true names of devices. This allows you to disable the device you need it!
Key features:

Safely remove in one click or a hotkey
Shows the program that prevent remove the device
Quick search unit to extract
User-friendly menu with pictures of devices
Device names and the possibility of renaming
Ability to hide unwanted device
Startup programs in podklyucheniiotklyuchenii
Command line for the safe removal
Extraction of the individual cards card reader
Allows you to return the device back!

Other features:
Hiding the tray icon, if there are no devices to disable
Displaying volume labels instead of device names
Change drive letters devices
The ability to connect drives as folders
Image storage device in an alternative file manager (eg Total Commander)
Ability to disable Windows to assign certain letters for hot-plug devices

New features:

Removing disks empty card reader slots!
Removing the memory card and card reader does not entirely
Office of drive letters
Ban use hot-plug devices of certain letters
Support for any hot-plug devices, including PCMCIA
Instant scanning of blocked devices
Stop by "deactivating"
Support for multiple monitors
Support Vista UAC, and Windows 64 bit
Ability to "Return device back!"

OS: Windows All
Language: ML / RUS



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